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Upgrade for the Royal Netherlands Navy’s IPMS maintenance facility trainer

On 20 December, KTZ(TD) Jorn Bleijs of the Royal Netherlands Navy and Harm Kappen, Director Global Sales Defence, Safety & Security of RH Marine signed the long-awaited contract for an upgrade of the IPMS Maintenance Facility Trainer.

With the help of this trainer, crewmembers learn how to carry out corrective and preventive maintenance on the platform automation systems of the Royal Netherlands Navy’s ships. The training facility is located at the Royal Netherlands Navy Technical Training Facility at the Erfprinscomplex in Den Helder.

The upgraded Trainer will have a completely new simulator section, not only for the M frigates but also with an extension for the JSS and the LPDs. The hardware will be replaced and expanded. The project has a duration of 18 months and will be delivered mid next year.