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Leading and independent system integrator and innovator of automation and electrical systems in the maritime industry

Independent system integration

Tailored to your operation

We create a common functionality amongst all electrical & automation systems onboard by engineering and integrating tailored solutions. With passion and craftsmanship we ensure safe, reliable and sustainable operations at sea.

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The Rhodium portfolio offers cutting-edge solutions that push the technological boundaries. It adds value though integrated solutions that cover hardware components, sofware applications and services for all types of vessels.

Integrated bridge

Safe navigation with intuitive controls and clear feedback.

Power & Hybrid

Reliable and efficient power generation, distribution and storage.

Ship Automation

Effective backbone to support maritime operations.

Cyber systems

The next generation of system integration and situational safety.

Applied innovation

Combined knowledge for improved results

Across the world, knowledge institutes, universities and manufacturers are developing new electrical & automation components with unprecedented potential. As a system integrator, we ensure that the right components are brought together and enable new and improved funtionalities for yards and end-users.

To achieve this, we innovate together with all these industry partners. In this way, shipbuilders and operators can remain industry pioneers with cutting-edge technology and future-proof systems.

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Full-lifecycle support

Reliable vessel operations

We provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of your vessel. Whether this is done through periodic maintenance, modifications or upgrades, our service engineers are ready to assist.

During our lifetime, we have built up a large installed base in several maritime industries. With this knowledge and our end-to-end lifecycle approach, we help vessels and yachts remain optimally deployable and perform when required. We ensure safe, sustainable, comfortable and cost efficient continuity of operations for our customers by integrating smart and carefully engineered solutions since 1860.

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