On-demand field expertise

Root cause analysis

Troubleshooting and concepting

A vessel consists of many different systems, components and integrations. A minor unconformity in this ecosystem might have significant impact on its performance or service life.

Onze adviseurs hebben uitgebreide praktijkervaring en een diploma in elektrische, mechanische of besturingstechniek. Met hun analytisch vermogen en technische kennis zijn zij in staat voor elk probleem de beste oplossing te vinden.

Fields of expertise

Integral proficiency

We have expertise in multiple fields including:

  • Feasibility studies for newbuild, conversion and refits
  • Front end engineering and conceptual design
  • Innovative electrical conceptual studies
  • Power network analysis
  • Noise and vibration management
  • Motor and generator design and validation
  • Quality auditing and vallidation
  • Fault finding and trouble shooting
  • Validation of HV and LV protection relays
  • Measurement expertises
  • – Performance measurements
    – Condition Assesment
    – Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
    – Noise and vibration
    – Harmonic distortion

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At RH Marine we have significant experience in specialised fields of expertise within the electrical and automation domain.

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