Project management

Dedicated project management is key to succeed

Managing process and delivery

Experienced integrator

RH Marine demonstrated its capabilities as a main contractor and system integrator in the maritime industry by completing a large number of projects.

These projects range from the overall coordination and engineering of superyacht electrical refits to fully integrated automation systems on naval vessels.

Seasoned project managers

Decades of experience

RH Marine’s adequate project management and technical coordination skills are critical to the success of these complex and extensive projects.

The experienced project management team members are highly motivated and driven to deliver the most feasible and optimal technical solutions to meet the contract’s performance, cost, time, quality, and customer satisfaction requirements.

Managing on-site

In-field supervision

The RH Marine site management teams facilitate the installation work and commissioning on-site (at the yard), either as part of the RH Marine installation contract or as site management support to the customers’ or builders’ site team.

During installation works on-board, our experienced site managers provide supervision and coordination to ensure that the installation works are completed following the agreed-upon standards and requirements.

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At RH Marine we have significant experience in specialised fields of expertise within the electrical and automation domain.

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