Our vision on cyber security

Reliable by design

In many fields of life, we rely on computers to help us and the maritime industry is no exception. Cyber-attacks are one of the greatest threats in the 21st century.

In the past, most vessels relied on the ‘air gap’ to defend against cyber-attacks. Nowadays vessels are connected: ranging from internet for crew welfare and administration to connected devices brought onboard by passengers or crew.

The cyber threats are real for all vessels, but the risks may differ. For navies, a denial of service attack can severely reduce the operational capabilities in times of need. For offshore vessels, a ransomware attack may cause serious financial or environmental damages. Onboard yachts, data leaks can significantly impact the privacy onboard.

The ‘air gap’ alone is no longer a valid means of cyber security and while with most newbuild vessels cyber security is taken into account, measures should be taken for currently operating vessels as well. There currently are over 200 IEC International standards for cyber security that provide a solid basis for the horizontal and vertical security of maritime operations. The key to success here is how these can be implemented in a fundamental way without compromising the operational performance of the user.

Security as integral part of onboard operations

Attacking and defending software-based systems is a game of cat and mouse that will never end. It is crucial for all systems to embody cyber security in the design, construction and maintenance phases of solutions onboard. It is important to be able to detect attacks early so that the plan of attack can be identified. In addition, these attacks are continuously blocked, without affecting the user experience of the authorised user. If a breach nevertheless occurs, it is crucial to compartmentalise it and to ensure that it does not affect other systems or the functioning of the ship as a whole.

Pioneer in maritime cyber security

RH Marine’s latest developed systems are secure by design. Operators that greatly value the safety, privacy and reliability of their operations have the opportunity to further increase their level of security. We strive towards a highly connected and digitised maritime environment where safety and reliability are cornerstones of maritime operations. Our in-house experts are readily available to support you in the application of cybersecurity onboard sophisticated vessels.

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