Defence, safety & security

Reliable and secure naval operations

High end design capabilities

Robust & reliable

RH Marine, with extensive experience in this demanding market, is capable of taking system integration responsibility for all ship support platform systems.

Our experts understand how to implement naval requirements for electrical and automation systems to operate in extreme shock, vibration, and EMC environments.


Tailored development for optimal performance

We continuously innovate our solutions to facilitate our customers increasingly challenging operational requirements in terms of performance, improved maintainability and crew size optimization.

Life cycle support

An critical success factor

In addition to an excellent vessel and crew, a solid support organisation is vital for successful marine operations.

Our systems are designed with optimal lifecycle performance in mind. We complement this with user training, remote support, on-site service, and performance analysis through our dedicated ILS and service department.

Concurrent design and manufacturing

Multidisciplinary teams work together with our customers and suppliers to deliver optimised systems

Autonomous operation capabilities

Systems are designed to advise on or execute procedures based on evironmental awareness

High-end design standard

We develop our systems with robust and reliable naval specifications in mind


The future of manning & automation


Meet us @

RH Marine is present at events all over the world. Meet our experts for the latest innovations in electrical and automation system integration.

* EuroNaval (Paris), 4-7 November 2024
* NEDS (Rotterdam), 21 November 2024


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