Dynamic positioning & tracking

Optimized motion control

Rhodium DPT

Maneuver with a single joystick

With Dynamic Positioning and Tracking, a vessel can maintain its position and heading automatically by means of thruster force. As well as this station keeping, RH Marine’s Dynamic Positioning and Tracking system can also order the vessel to sail a predefined track at very low speed, where the heading may differ from the sailed course.

This system has been developed by drawing upon our many years of experience in ships’ automation and control systems, gained in our work with many types of vessels.

DPT 4500

Available for your vessel

  • Up to DP Class II
  • Always-on; one system for all speeds
  • User friendly Graphic Interface
  • Multi Operator Station Control
  • User selectable sensors
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Compact DP

    Stand alone

    All basic Dynamic Positioning and Joystick control system functionality in one compact system. Deploy options:

  • Stand alone system
  • Addition to a Rhodium integrated bridge system
  • Additional workstation in a Rhodium DPT4500 system
  • Independent Joystick System on a classified DP system
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