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Electrical & automation system integration

Shared functionality

We are system integrators of electrical and automation systems. We develop, assemble and integrate all hardware and software aspects of the installation.

We do this by closely working together with the yard, owner, classification agencies and key-suppliers. In addition to that, we design and develop our own state-of-the-art solutions to continuously set the bar in these specialised industries.


Aiming for 2030

Innovation is in the DNA of RH Marine. For decades, we have been an industry partner in the development of new and groundbreaking solutions. We explore the potential of green and intelligent, unmanned ships by continuously innovating electrical and automation solutions in co-creation with key customers.To support these efforts, we have recently launched a new way of integrated architectures: Meet the future of system integration.

The next generation of system integration

Rhodium IVSA

Future fleet

Roadmap for the maritime industry

We need a well-defined plan of action in order to realise our goal of creating a cutting-edge, resilient electrical and automation system for the marine industry.

In our view, the following four megatrends will form the foundation of tomorrow’s systems. We develop our solutions and deliver our projects with this envisioned future of maritime platforms in mind.

Zero emission

Significantly reduce the emissions of the global fleet during build and operations.

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Autonomous sailing

From user execution to user monitoring, control and optmization.

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Integrated architecture

Add value by creating a interconnected system enviroment onboard.

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Cyber security

Ensure operational safety of systems and crew onboard.

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RH Marine Rhodium

To push technological boundaries, we develop innovative solutions under the Rhodium brand. The portfolio provides added value through integrated solutions that cover hardware components, software applications, capabilities and services for all types of vessels.
Savannah bridge

Integrated bridge

Safe navigation with intuitive controls and clear feedback.

Power & Hybrid

Reliable and efficient power generation, distribution and storage.

Ship automation

Effective backbone to support maritime operations.

Cyber systems

The next generation of system integration and situational safety.


Comprehensive approach

We assist yards and operators throughout the lifecycle of a vessel, whether it is co-development during the concept stage, realisation during newbuild, maintenance during operation, or refit when it is time to upgrade.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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