Who we are

A team of dedicated professionals


Ambitious pioneers

We are craftsmen and -women with an ‘applied engineering’ mindset, driven by the desire to solve electrical and automation challenges. We thrive in a demanding environments where energy control, ship automation and
one-of-a-kind projects meet.

We develop, engineer, assemble and install all our tailored solutions onboard sophisticated vessels.

In addition to this, we actively contribute our knowledge to various alliances in the global maritime industry. These alliances focus on the development of autonomous and low-emission solutions for all types of ships.


We support our customers’ desire to stand out in their maritime operations via our integrated technology solutions. We enable them to work safely, reliably and efficiently. A passion we share.


At RH Marine we focus on making ships smarter and easier to operate. With our innovative solutions and integrated systems, we reduce life cycle costs and decrease the impact on our environment.


Formerly known as ‘Van Rietschoten & Houwens’


The start of a legacy

In 1860, sea captain Jan Jacob van Rietschoten bid farewell to his seafaring career and set up shop in Rotterdam as an independent ships’ rigging and equipment supplier.

12 years later he met the young engineer Willem Houwens. In 1872 they converged the company into Van Rietschoten & Houwens.


Innovation with semiconductors

Rietschoten & Houwens was one of the first to implement semiconductors on board seagoing ships. Semiconductors enabled much faster communication and calculations than traditional analogue and mechanical systems.


Pioneer in ECDIS development

To improve navigational safety at sea, Van Rietschoten & Houwens developed an Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS). This system later became the standard for international maritime operations.


First-ever certified hybrid system

The design and installation of the first hybrid battery system for a seagoing vessel. The MV Hallaig of the Scottish operator CMAL was the first vessel to receive a hybrid system and acted as a benchmark of feasibility for hybrid systems on board ships.


Key partner in the manning & automation consortium

The Royal Netherlands Navy, TNO, Thales and RH Marine have presented a long-term vision on the strategic ambitions of navy operations at sea. This partnership is a platform from which many pioneering maritime innovations will follow in the coming years.


Introducing the next generation of system integration

The Integrated Virtualized System Architecture replaces the traditional networked architecture and improves connectivity, maintainability and cyber security of vessels. The revolutionary system has recieved the renowend wheelmark and is expected to enable many benefits in the near future.


Heading for a bright future

The foundation of technological innovation laid by Van Rietschoten & Houwens still lives within RH Marine today. We are proud to have such a rich and passionate history were we have stood at the cradle of many innovations still used in the maritime industry today.

Since our founding in 1860, we’ve been at the forefront of this sector’s technological development, and we intend to remain there well into the future.

Wall of fame

Projects which left their mark

Type 26 | Benchmark for future frigates

MY Savannah | First hybrid yacht

Pioneering Sprit | Biggest maritime electrical installation in existence

MY Predator | Full luxury while sailing 28+ knots

MV Hallaig | First hybrid ferry

Rio Rita | One of the first yachts by Rietschoten & Houwens

M-Frigates | New benchmark in frigate technology

Walrus class | Best non-nuclear submarine in the world

Piet Hein | National anniversary gift for the Royal family

Hr.Ms. K XIV | Our first submarine

Hr.Ms. Holland | Our first navy vessel

S.S. Amsterdam | Our first electrical installation

RH Marine in numbers

Growing annually

Years of innovation


Working towards yearly revenue

100 mln.

Number of employees

550 +

Vessels with Rhodium systems

250 +

Amount of projects we are currently working on

60 +

Yearly service calls

600 +

Partner of Bakker Sliedrecht

Stronger together

Bakker Sliedrecht is an electrical and automation system integrator for the dredging and offshore industry and a sister company of RH Marine.

The companies have been part of a shared holding company since 2015. This unique collaboration between both companies enables cross-market innovation, scalable resources and a distinct set of specialised capabilities.


Environmental commitment

At RH Marine we highly value sustainability of our environment and safety of life at sea. We aim for zero incidents that put people or the environment at risk.

We are continuously committed to reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to conduct our daily business operations as sustainable as possible. In our Code of Sustainable Supply, we have identified our ambitions when it comes to CSR.

Additionally we share our experience and knowledge with the industry when it comes to sustainable solutions. We therefore play an active role in the maritime industry associations IMO, IEC, CIRM, Sea Europe Maritime and the EMC-ESD association.

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