Radio Detection And Ranging system

Image & target fusion

Comprehensive overview

Part of the Rhodium integrated bridge solution is an IMO approved RADAR application. RH Marine has solutions to integrate RADAR scanners of several brands, applicable for specific markets or applications.

As part of the integrated bridge, bridge wide settings like colour schemes can be centrally controlled. Mutual data such as routes and targets are shared with the other bridge applications.


Network radar

  • Redundant Gigabit LAN video distribution
  • X-Band, 25 kW, 8 ft scanner
  • S-Band, 30 kW, 12 ft scanner
  • Easy installation and accessibility for simplified servicing
  • Intuitive HMI
  • RADAR 4600

    Maximum flexibility

  • Image Fusion: Combine the RADAR images of two or more sensors into one picture.
  • Target Fusion: Targets detected by multiple scanners presented as one, also combined with the AIS data.
  • Multiple supported scanner brands.
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