Power & hybrid solutions

Additional safety through green ambitions



Proper management of the power generation, distribution, conversion and control is key to successfully operate defence, safety & security vessels in all circumstances.


Power management

We combine decades of experience with the functional requirements of our customers. Together, we develop the optimal grid design for each operational mode. This design consists of an aligned power plant and the most suitable distribution, being AC, DC or a combination.

The grid is controlled by an advanced power management system, ensuring safe and reliable operation of your main task, under the most demanding circumstances.


Sustainable and efficient

Ship operations can be improved by increasing the amount of energy generated and stored onboard. In addition to reducing total emissions, your system can sail super-quiet at low speeds, or provide additional power during emergency operations.

RH Marine is the undisputed expert in the field of maritime hybrid energy management with an in-house developed award-winning energy management system, proven performance and an extensive track record.

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