Rhodium chart for yachts

In-house chart systems

Rhodium chart

Seamless integration

As part of the integrated bridge suite of applications RH Marine has developed its own chart system with unique yacht functionalities.

Our systems comply with the latest ECDIS and Bridge Alert Management standards.


Electronic chart display

This type approved ECDIS contains all features to perform efficient route planning and route monitoring. Flexible sensor input in a multiple server setup ensures continuous operation. The seamless Rhodium NavPilot integration allows the operator to set heading or track in the ECDIS application.

RH Marine can also provide the chart application in a cost effective single server setup. This allows the RH Marine ECDIS to be easily implemented onboard your yacht.

  • Bridge Alert Management implemented
  • Available on all integrated workstations
  • Alert priority adjustable to the situation
  • User profiles for customized operation
  • Tender tracking module
  • Export or import routes
  • Various screen sizes
  • VPS4500

    Voyage planning station

    RH Marine’s Voyage Planning Station is the ideal add-on to optimise the planning process; the accuracy and quality of an approved ECDIS with the size of a paper chart and the freedom to draw like on paper.

  • Large high resolution screen; experienced like a paper chart
  • Easy user interface: point and plan, move freely
  • No ECDIS training required, follow your intuition
  • Real-time route calculator; direct feedback when moving a waypoint
  • Put text notes on the chart and link them to the applicable spot
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