Rhodium Conning and Control for yachts

Intuitive control

Rhodium Conning and Control

Centralized information

The Rhodium Conning and Control applications are a very good example of system integration on the bridge.

Centralizing information and control helps the navigator to get all essential information at a glance, allowing him to focus on the job with least distraction.


Automatic steering aid

The Rhodium NAVpilot4500 is a high-end, adaptive, type approved, automatic steering aid. It has various modes of operation and can be used to control the ships movements at any speed. It is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive layered control interface. Operational modes:

  • Heading Control (HCS)
  • Track Control (TCS)
  • Route pilot
  • Speed pilot
  • Medium Speed pilot
  • Slow speed pilot

  • The system is renown for its smooth change between modes and the capability to steer with complex thruster configurations such as double azimuths.

    CONNING 4500

    Information and control

    A clear overview of all information required for the job. The information is presented in a practical way; graphs, icons, analogue scales or numeric values, any format that suits the purpose best.

  • Navigation and miscellaneous data presentation
  • Control buttons and sliders
  • Central alert presentation
  • Operation specific mimics

  • Besides providing information the conning application is also used for controls. Buttons, sliders, or other data entry fields can be used to control the autopilot, thrusters etcetera.

    The basic application comes with all functionality you would expect, customized to the vessels specifications. The flexibility of the Conning application allows to integrate many additional information sources or controls to even take integration to a higher level.

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