Power management system

Interface with all key systems

operational readiness

Power safety

The availability of electrical power is vital to keep a yacht and its systems operational. The Rhodium Power Management System (PMS) is used for the generation and distribution of electrical energy and provides power to the platform systems in accordance with the various operational readiness conditions.

The electrical power system supplies and distributes the generated energy at the required and specified voltage and frequency values.

Modular setup

Dedicated control

The PMS is an independent and fully autonomous stand-alone system. It consists of dedicated PMS control units. The PMS control units are door mounted in the Generator sections of the Main Switchboards.

The PMS control units interface with the engines, generators, main switchboards and other generator systems. The Rhodium PMS is controlled via the local control panels of the PMS control units.

The Rhodium PMS system offers full integration with the Rhodium AMCS, PCS and DPT systems. Besides the PMS control panel, the Rhodium PMS can also be controlled and monitored via dedicated viewers in the AMCS.

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