Our vision on autonomous sailing

Reliable technological advancements

Vessel owners, yacht operators and navies worldwide face some major challenges in the upcoming years. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified personnel to operate vessels. Especially since the control and maintenance of the systems onboard is becoming more complicated.

In addition to that we continuously strive to improve the performance and reliability of our vessels. One of the key enablers behind this is the availability of many new technologies and innovations. But how do we apply these technologies, designed for one specific task, in the comprehensive and interconnected environment of a vessel?

Technologies like big data, augmented reality, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with tremendous connectivity are currently revolutionising global industries worldwide. The maritime industry is on the verge of also utilising these technologies to their full potential. Since ships need to be self-reliant, it is crucial that these technologies are implemented properly. After all, we inherently do not have the opportunity to test these extensively in an operational context before their widespread adoption.

Technology evolves in leaps

RH Marine has been a pioneer in the implementation of new technologies on board ships for decades. We have the ambition to also remain the pioneer in the current technological leaps. We see a future where ships run on an all-encompassing vessel operating system. This system consists of various dedicated applications that advise the user on the possible choices and expected outcomes. Less critical tasks can even be fully automated.

Collecting, analysing and sharing data plays a major role in further optimising and improving the systems onboard. When it comes to vessel systems, they are designed to be updated and improved on a regular basis rather than installed during the construction of a vessel to last for 30 years. Of course, this is all done in a safe and reliable environment with secured data connectivity.

Progress towards the future

RH Marine is currently rolling out the first versions of the new Integrated Vessel System Architecture (IVSA) which is the foundation on which these new technologies can be applied. The flexible nature of these systems allow them to be excellently suited for sophisticated naval vessels as well as high-end luxury yachts.

To add value immediately, RH Marine is currently preparing all its applications for this new platform. This development is accompanied by new functionalities such as improved data connectivity, directly applicable IIoT solutions and self-configuring systems.

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