Service & maintenance

On-demand and remote service jobs


On spot support

RH Marine provides onboard service, on-demand service and repair jobs. With dedicated service & maintenance, we ensure maximum continuity of operation of delivered systems after commissioning.

Service for DSS
T +31 104 871 911

Service for yachts
T +31 10 487 1160

Integrated logistics support

Optimize up-time

RH Marine offers a structured and interactive support approach to fleet logistics. We ensure that all support resources necessary to operate and maintain systems onboard are correctly identified and are consistent with the proposed product design.

System health check

Planned inspections

Proper functioning IPMS, AMCS and integrated bridge systems are key for reliable vessel operations. RH Marine offers a System Health Check to minimise the risk of failures and to maximise the vessel’s performance. System health checks offer:

  • Limit the risk of impending system failure
  • Provide ‘hands on’ advice on system usage
  • Deliver advice on best-practice methods of records recovery
  • Provide expert recommendations for possible enhancements


Optimize up-time

Spare parts are available upon request for all systems delivered by us. Whether you require a simple replacement, upgraded alternative or obsolescence replacement, we can provide the spareparts to keep the systems running at peak efficiency.

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At RH Marine we have significant experience in specialised fields of expertise within the electrical and automation domain.

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