Energy management system

Intelligent power distribution

Lower emissions, silent operation

Undisputed expert

The Rhodium Energy Management System in combination with on-board batteries improves fuel consumption by more than 10%.

This is a significant reduction in fuel consumption, generator maintenance and environmental impact.

In addition, a battery-powered engine can improve onboard comfort. With the right setup, yachts can sail, maintain position and operate without running generators.

Market leading system

Hybrid is the new standard

RH Marine is the undisputed expert in the field of maritime hybrid energy management with an in-house developed award-winning energy management system, proven performance and an extensive track record.

The Rhodium Energy Management System (EMS) is the heart of the hybrid power system. The self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm automatically distributes the power demand over the available energy sources to ensure optimal operation based on an operational goal.

The intuitive Energy Dashboard provides clear performance feedback to the operator, both on and offshore.

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