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Certified ECDIS meets future standards

In December 2016 RH Marine’s ECDIS has officially been certified to meet the latest international standards. This makes RH Marine one of the first suppliers to have a fully certified ECDIS complying with the updated International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standard that will be effective on the 1st of September 2017.

Benefits of upgraded ECDIS systems

Almost a year ago the IHO and the IEC introduced new ECDIS standards. One of the biggest benefits of upgrading ECDIS systems to the latest S-52 Presentation Library will be a reduction in the number of audible alarms triggered by ECDIS, helping ease the issue of alarm fatigue on the bridge, whilst still maintaining safety at sea. All ECDIS suppliers have to implement this standard and make sure their system is adapted before the flag states declare it compulsory.

RH Marine has worked in close cooperation with Bureau Veritas to deal with the certification process. Besides upgrading the system, work has also been done to improve usability and increase performance.

Highlights of new ECDIS features are:

  • A modern settings menu for intuitive operation.
  • User profiles; to optimize settings per user, operation or sailing area, with the touch of a button.
  • Route prediction; see the effect of the ship’s rate of turn on the route..
  • New Presentation Library 4.0 implemented; ready for the next generation charts.
  • Presentation of date dependent objects; optionally show temporary dangers applicable in the future.
  • With the update and the accompanying certificate an important step in the future of RH Marine’s Rhodium Bridge Systems has been made.

To learn more about the new IHO standard and how we can make your bridge future proof consult your RH Marine contact.