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Manning & automation: The road to optimal employability

In about 10 years, part of the naval fleet will be due for replacement. It remains to be seen what the possible successors to the M-class frigates, submarines and minehunters will look like. DMO is not sitting still in the run-up to acquiring new ships. With the Manning & Automation programme, Manager Lieutenant-Commissioner Ton van Heusden is looking ahead. “Innovations are needed in the support of the ship’s crew,” he says.

Manning & Automation symposium

Various technical innovation projects are currently underway, including Manning & Automation, about which a symposium was held recently. Some 125 delegates from the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), related training institutes, the defence industry (including RH Marine and Thales) and knowledge institute TNO met in Den Helder. They watched demos and tested the latest techniques themselves. The programme should lead to the optimal deployability and safety of the ships.

The Manning & Automation roadmap started in 2014 and is expected to run until 2030.

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