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Phoenix in naval shipbuilding

Who thought that with the ending of Imtech an important cornerstone in naval shipbuilding was lost… Think again. Under subtle reference to the trusted Van Rietschoten & Houwens, RH Marine has resurrected like a Phoenix from the Imtech assets. “In addition to surface vessels and other projects we also work daily on submarines.”

The identity has been renewed, the strategy reassessed and the company has just moved to Schiedam. Recently a nice contract for new frigates of the Royal Navy was awarded. And with the ’20 of this century in sight, it seems to be a promising decade of shipbuilding for the Royal Netherlands Navy. RH Marine is ready.

The Imtech era is nothing more but a vague memory and the focus of Managing Director Hugo Loudon and Director Global Sales Defence, Safety & Security Harm Kappen is aimed at the future.

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