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RH Marine participated in Run for Kika

On Sunday 24 June it was a fantastic day in the Zuiderpark during Run for KiKa Rotterdam. More than 2000 runners walked 10 km, 5 km or the KidsRun for KiKa and achieved a great amount of more than 260,000 euros for KiKa! RH Marine proudly particpated with a team for the 8th time.

The Foundation KiKa (Dutch: Kinderen Kankervrij; English: Children Cancerfree) is a Dutch charity foundation that brings in fundings solely for research to childhood cancers. Renewing research to this form of cancer requires a treatment that specifically aims to the genomic properties.

KiKa’s goal is to increase the survival rate of children’s cancer to 95%. There is a lot of costly scientific research needed to reach this goal. With more research, specialists are convinced that new treatment methods are possible to cure children’s cancer more often and have treatments with less side effects.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to trigger new research that is focused on children’s cancer. KiKa raises funds for these special researches, to let children defeat their cancer.