MY Lonian

Year of launch:
87 meter
Koninklijke de Vries
Project scope:
Integrated bridge
Voyage Planning Station
Dynamic positioning
Full electrical installation
Remote access

The 87-meter state-of-the-art superyacht is equipped with the latest technology in automation and electrical propulsion systems. This does not only save fuel and maintenance costs, but reduces emissions as well. Additionally RH Marine was involved in the delivery of the 66-meter support vessel for MY Lonian.

Creating advantages by conceptual design

In cooperation with the yard, RH Marine has executed a conceptual design of the electric propulsion system. By directly coupling the batteries to the DC link, there are less energy conversions. This solution saves up to 2,5% in energy conversions compared to connecting a battery via DC/DC converters to the DC link.

Credits: Feadship
Credits: Feadship
Credits: Feadship
Credits: Feadship

Saving fuel and reduce maintenance

The main thrusters have two modes of operation. By low speed (PTI mode) the main engine is switched off and the thruster is powered by the PTO/PTI motor. Fuel efficiency and maintenance reduction is achieved by not running the large main diesel engines at very low powers.

At higher speeds (PTO mode) the main diesel engines will run more efficiently and will be switched on and drive the main thruster. Depending on the available power the PTO/PTI motor can be used to power the main grid and load the main diesel engines even more efficiently.

Customized design

The electric propulsion system is integrated with the alarm monitoring and control system, which enables the crew to sail the vessel safe and easily from the bridge. The system meets the requirements of the major Classification Societies and each mimic has a customized design to optimize the user experience.

A support vessel of a major class

The Hodor, which serves as a support vessel for MY Lonian, is equipped with the bridge console, the DP system, communication and navigation equipment and the alarm and monitoring systems from RH Marine. This allows the crew to change shifts while being familiar with a similar system on both vessels.

Support yachts are becoming increasingly popular with yacht owners. They are used to land helicopters for owners, guests and crew, transport to and from the mothership and for carrying jet skis, speedboats and other tenders.