Ship automation training

Remote and on-board training

Integrated bridge training

In-house or on-board

The ship automation course is given at our training facility in Rotterdam and Schiedam, remote or on board. We explain the platform concept, and show which signals are generated by the ship and how they must be handled and monitored.

We offer separate training for operators and maintainers. The courses stand for a unique combination of theory and practice. In addition to training at our own training facilities in Rotterdam and Schiedam, we also provide remote training.

Course overview

Modules on demand

We offer the following courses in ship automation:

  • Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for operators: Complete course about working the IPMS
  • Integrated Platform Monitoring System (IPMS) for maintainers: Daily and regular (preventive) IPMS maintenance and more specialized maintenance issues related to the system (trouble shooting, corrective maintenance)
  • Propulsion Control System (PCS): Understanding the purpose and functioning of the PCS. Managing the propulsion system: what is needed to carry out the navigational requirements
  • Power Management System (PMS): Understanding the purpose and functioning of PMS. Practical experience in operating Power Management Systems on board ships.

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