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RH Marine and Bakker Sliedrecht participate in MENENS project

Sailing on methanol makes a major CO2 reduction possible and is seen in the international maritime sector as one of the most feasible fuels for large-scale introduction in the short to medium term. RH Marine, Bakker Sliedrecht and the other 20 partners in this project with acronym MENENS represent the Dutch maritime sector across the board, from fleet owner to ship designer and from shipyard to (specialist) supplier.

Jointly, the partners aim to accelerate the route to truly emission-free shipping by developing adaptive system solutions based on methanol.

Roadmap of the maritime masterplan

Focus on DC power grids

Together with Bakker Sliedrecht, RH Marine will focus on the validation and deployment of distributed DC power networks that can be used in a safe and controlled way in the above mentioned product-market combinations. With these DC networks we aim to make systems more energy efficient by reducing losses and compensating for operational negative effects. This will enable the use alternative fuels by offsetting their different dynamic performance with smarter power plant control. Besides pure technical innovation, the cooperating parties will work as much as possible on the basis of Model Based System Engineering.

Big step towards zero-emission

“At RH Marine and Bakker Sliedrecht, contributing to zero-emission ships is integrated into our vision. We therefore consider participation in the Maritime Master Plan as a great opportunity to make a big step towards a zero emission and future-proof maritime industry. What helped us to join this consortium was the clear picture of what we want to develop in this area and what we are already capable of in terms of Energy Management Systems.

Our special thanks go to Peter Toxopeüs of Fugro who took on the role of penman, Bas Buchner of Marin who managed to get the right people around the table at a critical moment, and Jeroen Speelman and Aart den Oudsten of Techforce who delivered excellent quality in preparing the application.” say Jan van Bekkum, Director Portfolio Management and Despoina Mitropoulou, Manager Power Systems at RH Marine. “How the industry overcomes the competition and forming a partnership, all with a common goal, gives a lot of hope in achieving a sustainable maritime future.” adds Despoina Mitropoulou, Manager Power Systems at RH Marine.