Rudder roll stabilisation

High speed stability

Roll motion control

Minimise roll motion

The Adaptive Steering and Stabilising Autopilot (ASSA) system is a control system which combines the control signals for course keeping and roll reduction.

Thereby the rudder and the steering gear accomplish two functions: steering and roll stabilization. Roll stabilization is achieved as the rudder applies a torque against the roll motion, using the same principle as a conventional fin stabilizer.

Proven solution

Customers experience

As a system integrator for naval ships, RH Marine has provided state of the art Integrated Bridge Systems for numerous naval customers all over the world.

The RH Marine ASSA design for Roll Rudder Stabilisation (RRS) operation is based on a system as delivered for the German Frigate F124 and the Netherlands Navy M-Frigate and Air Defence Command Frigates (LCF).

According to the Royal Navy, roll reductions of up to 60% were measured during sea trials and the system maintains its performance during rough weather conditions.

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