Automated Decision Support

Mitigating incidents

Prioritize information

Minimise impact

After suffering damage, the crew’s first priority is to gather information and assess its impact on the ship. Operators receive a multitude of information and alarms from the ship automation systems, risking information overload.

The Rhodium Automated Decision Support (ADS) application assesses the alarms generated by the AMCS and determines what sequence of events is required to best contain the damage. This sequence is presented to the operator through a dedicated HMI.

The ADS application reduces operator load and maximises available time for maintaining internal situational awareness and directing personnel.

Displaying sensor information

Quick response

When the EIB is interfaced with an AMCS system, the relevant sensor information will be displayed on the GAP. The different sensor types are arranged in separate layers (e.g. fire/smoke, water mist, doors/hatches, bilge levels, etcetera).

When a sensor information layer is switched off, then all sensors will be hidden except the sensors that are in alert state. These sensors will always be shown on the GAP, independent of the layer settings.

Data based advice

Comprehensive overview

The operator can make a selection of available recommendations and select these for execution. These tasks together form the advice generated by the system.

This advice can be generated automatically in case of a damage event or on request by the operator via the Electronic Incident Board (EIB).

Some of these tasks can be executed by the AMCS and some of the actions are to be executed by the operator or other personnel.

Integrated solution

Operator in control

The Rhodium ADS application offers complete integration with the Rhodium IPMS and EIB systems. Damage events and operator plot actions on the EIB can directly lead to the initiation of an automated advice.

The combined systems guarantees faster response, reduction of cognitive load, better communication and less operator error. In the end, all this put together allows optimising of crew numbers altogether.

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