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ASWF | Contract block 4 signed

After an intensive preparation period, RH Marine, together with Commando Materieel en IT (COMMIT), signed the contract this week for Block 4 of the ASWF (Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates) project for the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Belgian Navy.

Block 4 of this project concerns the development of applications that will support the crew of the frigates in their business operations, both on the bridge, for the ship’s platform systems and especially in handling the “internal battle” (incident and battle damage response). This will allow the ship to perform its tasks with a much smaller crew.

We are doing these developments in close consultation with COMMIT and the end user, with the aim of setting the standard for the future ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Dr Roos Wijsman (Director Purchasing COMMIT) and Stefan Braat (Director Finance RH Marine Netherlands B.V.)