Ship automation for defence, safety & security vessels

Seamless vessel operations and autonomous support


Fully integrated

RH Marine delivers ship automation systems that optimize the operations of your technical equipment.

The Rhodium Automation portfolio comprises all the necessary applications such as AMCS, EMS, PMS, HMS and CCTV.

The modular concept allows the scaling of applications for vessels of all sizes, with optimal functionalities required by the end-user.


Versatile toolkit

The Rhodium Automation applications can be combined with each other into a complete integrated automation solution.

This integrated solution offers the advantages of a high level of functional integration between the different automation products, without losing the benefits of distributed autonomous automation applications.

The high level of integration leads to reduction of cabling, weight and space. The high level of automation caters for manning reduction. The high versatility ensures a seamless fit into the process automation of any maritime application today.

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